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Our Property Management Services

  • Lakeside Enterprises will manage your property in Chapala or Lakeside area in your absence when you rent it during your absence.
  • We’ll:
    • oversee your seasonal home here, your tenant and be your eyes and ears on the ground here in the Lakeside area to monitor the ‘treatment’ of your real estate asset by your tenants.
    • assist in finding and screening tenants in concert with you the owner.
    • collect rent and follow up if tenant is in arrears with payment schedule.
    • deal with maintenance and provide the experise to handle emergencies.
    • remit payment for services – Taxes, CFE, Phone, and any other payments for services.
    • arrange and oversee professional service (Plumbers, Electricians, Contract Services), where necessary and agreed to with you the owner.
  • We can customize our level of services to meet your specific needs.  CALL US for an no obligation quote.
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